MIDI Files =
Inspiration on command.

There's a reason why MIDI Files are so popular.
They provide reliable inspiration by offering ready-made musical ideas and structures.
Overcome creative blocks, streamline workflow, and introduce fresh elements to compositions, are just some of the benefits you'll get by using FFUNK.

Your secret weapon: Multi-Track MIDI Files.

A basic musical idea is made of at least 3 things: bass, chords and melody.
That's why all our "Songstarters" are Multi-Track MIDI Files.
You get all the building blocks for a track/song in one file.

Always on trend.
Always up to date.

We upload 15 new MIDI Packs each month.
This means you'll always have a new MIDI pack to explore and inspire you.
With a constant flow of inspiration at your fingertips, it's easy to stay on top of your music production goals.

Music is everything. Everything is MIDI.

We create everything related to MIDI files.
Complete ideas, Chord Progressions, Melodies, Drum Patterns, Transcriptions, Tools, Genre-Specific MIDI Packs, Instrument Specific Packs...
Have peace of mind, you're getting the best tools.

Quality before everything

We aim for excellence in everything we do.
That's why we strive to give you the best MIDI Files available on the market.
Our team of composers is highly vetted.
After interviewing 100s of people, we only took on-board a handful.

Are midi files better than wav samples?

WAV Samples vs MIDI Files

Here's why MIDI Files can be a better choice than WAV Samples for most Music Producers.

Can you...
WAV Samples
MIDI Files
Change Notes
With MIDI files, you’re not limited to the notes provided. You can change one note or all of them.
Change Instruments
Yes! You can use your own sounds. VST, Synths, Libraries, everything you own can finally be put to good use.
Speed up or down without quality loss
Since MIDI Notes are not audio, you can stretch them as you want and they'll always sound good.
Separate melody from chords
Yes. It's easy to use just the melody or just the chords of a MIDI File.
Create samples nobody is using
With MIDI Files, you can create 100% original samples by simply using a new sound. This is impossible with WAV Samples.
Not sure yet? Let's...

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Multi-Track Songtarters
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Platform 1
Platform 2
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Features one
Features two
Features three
Features four
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Don't take our word for it. Listen to the feedback of our first subscribers.

“FFUNK changed my workflow. I am now 5 times more productive. No kidding!”

Darren Hyde
Professional Music Producer - SONY

“When I'm with a rapper, FFUNK lets me sketch idea quickly. My clients love me for that.”

Shaun Potter
Beatmaker for Future, Drake, Playboi Carti.

“As a beginner, the hardest thing is getting inspired on command. FFUNK helps with that.”

Sarah Smith
Aspiring Superstar

Our promise to you: improve your music with the best MIDI Files on the internet.

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